- Single channel video (5 minutes, looped) 
- Poster 
- A4 Risograph print

This is the second film from the project, Are Washing Machines More Important Than Smart Phones? 

Part One can be found here.

Part Two examines the dichotomy of work and play by exploring the impact they have on our identity, questioning how differently activities are defined and valued, and asking what society would look like if we were able to work less and had more time to play.

The work was originally shown at Middlesbrough Art Weekender 2022, then as part of Shieldfield Home - Part One at The NewBridge Project in January 2023.

In February 2023, I ran a workshop at The NewBridge Project as part of the Shieldfield Home closing event (images above from the NewBridge Instagram account).

Participants filled in the project posters and responded to the question, “are washing machines more important than smart phones?” See below for some of their responses.