- A3 Risograph poster (edition of 200)
- Hand painted wall text
- Video 
- Programme of events

This project has taken several forms including: a poster, video, interactive exhibition, workshops, events and collaborative performances. Central to the project were the three questions that it posed:

  • What did you want to be when you were growing up?
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • What would you do if you had a year off?

These questions were designed to place the reader in the past, present and speculative future, in order to open up a discussion around their attitudes to work (paid & unpaid) and how they value free time.

The questions were presented as an A3 Risograph poster with a short essay on the reverse that added more context.

You can download a PDF of the poster here.

In the exhibition format of the project, I was present in the space, painting the questions on to the walls. This meant that I could be present to talk to people when they entered the space and would be more approachable than if I were sat in the room with a clip board and questionnaire. Visitors were invited to write their responses to the questions on post it notes and stick them on the wall next to the corresponding question. I found that the explanations were far more revealing than the initial answers, which was why it was so important that I was present in the space during the exhibition. After participants had discussed their responses with me, I was able to introduce themes of my research to them in ways that connect to their life experiences, including Basic Income. This approach also allowed me to listen to the views of participants and gave me a better understanding of what underpinned their beliefs.

The exhibition at The NewBridge Project in Gateshead hosted a series of events. Full details about these can be found here.

Below is a short video that illustrates the essay on the reverse of the poster. It includes responses to the three questions.

Conversations with participants and responses they contributed to the exhibitions were used with the essay from the poster to create a video to promote further discussion.

I invited artists and musicians to collaborative me to make creative responses to the materials gathered from the exhibitions. This developed into a series of projects with Yol and Posset that included an exhibition at BasementArtsProject in Leeds titled, Between Gas Canisters and Personal Identity Lanyards (2019).