The Basic Income Top Trumps card game was developed in collaboration with Perry Walker from Talk Shop, as a facilitation tool for discussions around Basic Income. The intention was to enable those playing the game to imagine how receiving a Basic Income would affect their lives. The cards were designed using the well-known Top Trumps card game format so that the cards can be played without any explanation or instructions.

Participants from Basic Income trials from around the world were used to create profiles for the cards. Each card includes information about the trial, testimony from the participant and scores out of 10 in six categories: independence, food security, mental health, physical health, paid work, and community participation. This helps to illustrate the differences between the trials that have taken place and the impact that receiving a Basic Income had had on the participants.


The game comprises of two rounds. In the first, players are asked to select one card and describe the participant it represents to the other players and what impact the trial had on this person. This then forms the basis for a discussion between the players about the differences between the trials and to imagine what impact Basic Income would have on people in the UK.



The second round of the game uses one of the models for a trial proposed by the Scottish Feasibility study and asks the players to imagine that they are taking part in the trial. Players are asked to fill in the card, giving themselves scores out of 10 for each category, and write a short testimony about how their life would be affected by taking part in the trial. Once the players have done this, they are asked to feed this back to the other players. This forms the basis for a discussion between the players.


You can view more of the cards here and watch a short video with testimony from players here.

If you have any questions or would like to take part in a future game of Basic Income Top Trumps, please contact: